Player Characters


Findar Hammersonn, Dwarven Cleric of Dumathoin (Nil Caruncho)

After the death of his father, Findar left his mining home in search of adventure. While being robbed, he encounters and befriends SkyClad and make their way towards Targos. Findar is wrestling doubts on whether his father is a traitor to their mining colony.

Meanwhile, he discovers the legendary dwarven Dragon Armor of King Connar IV and is ecstatic to learn that he can trace his lineage to the great dwarven warrior.

Now, the captain of the Gimos, Findar is also the new bearer of the Anulus Ingenium (transferred from Clytie. See below)

  • RING BEARER: Anulus Ingenium
  • ONE UNIQUE THING: God-touched
  • BACKGROUND TRAIT: Mining +1, Smithing +1, Religion +1

SkyClad Nimblewind, Kender Rogue (Alexander Mena)

In search of Wanderlust, SkyClad found his way towards Icewind Dale where he met Findar (see above). Recently, he learned that he is an Outsider and is not from this planet. Ever so curious, SkyClad wishes to know more. (Read his complete “Origins” story here)

After retrieving the Anulus Mentem from his home realm of Krynn, SkyClad is now the new bearer of the Signet Ring which has total control of the Mind.

  • RING BEARER: Anulus Mentem
  • ONE UNIQUE THING: “Unhalfling”

Daemon Frost, Half-Elven Ranger (Clarence Keith Morales)

After the murder of his wife and daughter, Daemon Frost set out to find the murderer. His travels take him to Icewind Dale where he encounters Drizz’t Du’Orden and manages to hook up with Clytie and Emma Moonblade. From there, his adventures take on epic proportions.

  • ONE UNIQUE THING: Fast Learner
  • BACKGROUND TRAITS: Hunting +2, Farming +1

Clytie, Elven Sorceress (Meng Morales)

Unsure of her powers and heritage, Clytie has stopped trusting people. From her visions, she discovers that the blood a demon flows through her veins – responsible for her magic and other powers. Clytie is the Bearer of the first Signet Ring found by her group: The Anulus Ingenium but has lost this to Findar.

  • RING BEARER: Former (first) bearer of the Anulus Ingenium
  • ONE UNIQUE THING: Demon Lineage
  • BACKGROUND TRAIT: Mental Fortitude +3

Lysandros, Paladin Archer  (Chase Gosingtian)

Lysandros is a young human paladin of 26 years, though he wasn’t always one to serve through a code. He was a ranger who thought himself at home in the wilderness until it was razed during a battle among demons and followers of Bane. He is now a Harper under the command of Lady Alustriel. But, since his death due to Clytie’s Hellfire, Lysandros contemplates that everything he was ever taught was a lie. (Read Lysandros’ Origin story here as written by Chase Gosingtian)

  • ONE UNIQUE THING: Demonic Attraction
  • BACKGROUND TRAITS: Exorcism +2, Demon Lore +1

Isaac Kross, Human Assassin (Rex Golez)


A free agent of the Fire Knives, he is an assassin who is known to employ cunning and unconventional tactics to gain his desired results. He was employed by the Zhentarim to capture the Harper Lysandros which he successfully delivered by the cunning ruse of erasing his memory. Now he is employed by the very people that he worked against: The Company of Targos. There is still much to know about this assassin, and time can only tell if he can indeed be trusted, or not.

  • ONE UNIQUE THING: Uncanny Luck
  • BACKGROUND TRAITS: Assassin +1, Information Gathering +2

Adrienne Belmonte, Human Inquisitor (Vampire Hunter), (Iggy Javellana)


Countess Adrianne Belmonte  (aka Reen) comes from a long line of Inquisitor Aristocracy in The Realm of Ultherst. She lost her family to tragedy related to vampires at a young age and thus began training as an Inquisitor and later on as a Vampire Hunter. After defeating an ancient prophesized evil plaguing their Realm, she loses the man closest to her heart in a strange, mysterious mist thought to be another the reincarnation of the prophesized evil. She now seeks him but has yet to find any concrete clues as to his whereabouts.

  • ONE UNIQUE THING: A connection to the Evil, “The Reincarnation of Satan” (in her homeland)

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