Episode 16: Ravenloft


Swallowed by the “Mist”, the Company of Targos find themselves in Ravenloft, the Domain of Dread ruled by the Overlord Count Strahd Von Zarovich. As soon as the vampires swooped and took the body of Briggs, the party are in hot pursuit. Soon they will be embroiled in a mystery which involves zombies, fortune tellers, witches and of course, vampires!

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The Origin of Lysandros Part 1

Black plumes rose from a small corner of the forests in the northern wastes. The clouds were themselves helpless in their malleable forms, and followed amongst the dark throng. Laier sighed – there would be no rain this night. While elsewhere the world rested silent, around him roared encroaching flames that ate through timber, their meat succumbing to their own weight. A shrill cry joined the chorus as a man was thusly pinned.

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