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Emma Moonblade (Emal’yn Sulinil)

Half-elven, Ranger (level 8). Scout of Targos. Neutral Good.

Emma Moonblade is the last surviving member of the elven House Sulinil. Although not of pure elven blood, she is the only one legitimate enough to wield the House Sulinil Moonblade, a powerful sword with great magicks. Currently, Emma has called Targos her new home and serves Mayor Ulbrec Kemp as a close adviser and a scout.

Emma has taken Deamon Frost as his apprentice.

Emma is kind-hearted, fair but firm. She has silver hair, green eyes and tatoos. Emma worships the goddess Selune and observes the Lunar holidays as is expected of the faithful.


Thorin Seeker

Human Cleric (BattlePriest) of Tempus (Fighter 4, Cleric 5). Chaotic Good.

Thorin Seeker serves as the head of the Temple of Tempus at Targos. One of his jobs is to keep the morale of warriors in the town high. He constantly preaches about the values of war and battle. Thorin will not back away from a fight that he can win. Once you win his trust, he can be a good friend. You wouldn’t want the Monsignor as your enemy. His favorite weapon, like Tempus, is the Great Axe which he wields with the feats Cleave and Great Cleave.

Thorin is also friend to Roric, mentor of Stark the Bard.



Human Fighter (level 5), Captain of the Guard (Targos)

Lander is the right-hand man of Bednir and is Captain of the Guard. Born and raised in Targos, Lander is no stranger to conflict and war. He has trained in the art of battle all his life. Lander is a loyal Targosian and would willingly give his life for his town.

Lander is also Skyclad’s employer.

Recently, he was killed by the “Uncle Lars” Doppleganger in Episode 2.


Oswald Dweebwinkle

Gnome Artificer Level 2 (Rogue 4, Wiz 1). Lawful Neutral.

Like most gnomes, Oswald has a passion for creation and “tinkering”. As an Artifcer (Magic of Fearun prestige class option), Oswald has the ability to make gadgets or items that mimic spells or spell-like abilities. He runs a shop at the Gallaway trading center in the middle of Targos.

Oswald is honest, and always enjoys challenges. Putting his inventions “to the test” is always a treat for him.

Recently, he named his airship The Gimos in honor of his late godson who was untimely killed by a freak accident with one of his inventions (via a Clytie fumble).

Oswald also owns Gargamel, a cat with a knack for farting.


The Frost Maiden of Auril


Very little is known about The Frost Maiden of Auril. No one knows her true name. What is known is that she is a powerful priestess of Auril, goddess of cold, ice and winter.

SkyClad has seen her in Episode 2 (at Bremen).

The Frost Maiden has planted a Doppleganger to replace Uncle Lars and abduct the boy, Ezra.



Rider / Scout / Messenger of Targos. Human Fighter L1. Neutral Good. (deceased)

Before becoming a fighter, Gimos was a knuckle trout fisherman. Quickly rising through the ranks, he became the captain of his own fishing ship. Amassing some wealth, Gimos sired 12 children (legally and illegally) among several women (one was rumored to be a drow of the Underdark). 

Oswald the Artificer was indeed his godfather during his wedding to his second wife (officiated by Thorin Seeker nonetheless).

When a great storm sank his fishing ship, Gimos was depressed and became an alcoholic. Emma Moonblade saw him and trained Gimos to become a scout and a messenger, sometimes escorting valuable cargo to various parts of the Ten Towns. Emma had high hopes for her apprentice.

Alas, Gimos met a fiery death when GreekFire exploded during a misfire accident while Clytie was handling Oswald’s Mark II projectile launcher.

In his memory, Oswald renames his airship, The Gimos.

He is survived by his twin brother, Gimas.

Stark has composed a song in his memory as well.

And the Rider stormed through the snow.

Of news and legend he carried

Black Haven is now buried

Protect the mage he was told

One of the giants is well, old

To Emma Moonblade was his debt

And Clytie’s folly was his death


The strange, little boy

When Ezra “hitched” a wagon ride from Black Haven to Brynn Shander, his fate would cross the characters’ paths.

Clytie and Emma Moonblade found the young lad and vowed to return him to his Uncle, Lars at Black Haven. Ezra’s parents were killed during one of the humanoid raids on Black Haven. His last known relative, Lars has taken care of him since.

Daemon Frost has taken Ezra as his young apprentice and promised to teach him the ways of the Ranger.

Since then, Ezra has been known to go inside dreams, predict the future and hear thoughts.

He does not want to talk about his own dreams.

Recently, Ezra was kidnapped by the Doppleganger of Uncle Lars (in Episode 2).

Uncle Lars

Human, No Class, Neutral

Lars is the brother of Ezra’s father. Having lived his entire life as a shipbuilder in Black Haven, very little is interesting about this simple human… until recently.

He has been kidnapped by agents of The Frost Maiden and replaced with a Doppleganger. He recently abducted Ezra when the party supposedly “rescued” him from the Meat Wagons (Episode 2). The real Uncle Lars is presumed dead. The last known living soul to catch a glimpse of Lars was SkyClad when he was dropped behind enemy lines into Bremen.

Now, the Doppleganger Lars is wanted by the party and by Emma Moonblade.


Human, Fighter 1, Chaotic Good

“Old Olmo” is the owner and barkeep of The Salty Dog. His tavern serves mostly seafood (knuckle head trout and others) caught off the Maer Dualdon. Quite recently (due to Stark’s weekly performance), a new dish, Chicken Meat Suasage (made out of 80% chicken meat, and 20% from bacon, pork fat, turkey and beef, mixed with various herbs locally grown in Icewind Dale) is fast becoming a famous and highly sought-after dish.

During his low days, Olmo tried to serve dog meat to his regular patrons (mostly sailors and mercenaries). He used too much salt, hence the name of his Inn. Ever since that day, he has stopped serving dog meat.

Olmo knows almost everyone in Targos and keeps a few secrets and rumors himself.



Normal Human, Lawful Neutral, 19 years old

Jasmine, Olmo’s niece is the barwench at the Salty Dog.



Drow Warrior of House Dlyl, worshiper of Vhearun

The company met Tazrae while traversing the Underdark en route to seek the portal leading to the Uthgardth barbarians at the Spine of the World. Tazrae is among the worshipers of Vhearun (God of thieves) and are opposed to all thing Lloth.

Tazrae led the party to the portal in exchange for a favor to be called upon in the future.


Human, Barbarian 3, Chaotic Good 

Helbor is the official messenger of Speaker Jarl. Born of the Uthgardth Tribe of the Wyrm, Helbor is a fierce fighter but is hesitant to be associated with any magic. He was escorted by The Company through the Underdark to look for the portal that will lead them to the Spine of the World.


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