Episode 18: Back to the Future


After the defeat of Count Strahd and his Vampires, the morning of a new dawn breaks for Barovia. The witches, with the aid of Ireena Kolyana as the new mayor of Barovia, promise to bring law and order to the land.

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Episode 17: The Defeat of Strahd


With Strahd’s treachery, our heroes have mortality wounded Reen, the Vampire Hunter. Now, they must race against time to find the two other relics and figure out how to combine them to finally defeat the Overlord of Ravenloft.

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Episode 16: Ravenloft


Swallowed by the “Mist”, the Company of Targos find themselves in Ravenloft, the Domain of Dread ruled by the Overlord Count Strahd Von Zarovich. As soon as the vampires swooped and took the body of Briggs, the party are in hot pursuit. Soon they will be embroiled in a mystery which involves zombies, fortune tellers, witches and of course, vampires!

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