Adventure Log

Here are the listings of the Adventure / Gaming Sessions

BOOK 1 (D&D rules. 3.5 edition)

  • Prologues – July 9, 2011. Findar, Skyclad and Stark integration. They enter Targos
  • The Boy – July 15, 2011. Daemon Frost and Cytie integration. They meet Emma and Ezra
  • Episode 1: Dawn of Winter – July 15, 2011. At Targos, the party stops a tunneling group of humanoids and seal the hole
  • Episode 2: Meat Wagons – July 22, 2011. The humanoids lay waste to Black Haven and take prisoners. Our heroes proceed to intercept the Orcish Meat Wagons and rescue the captives.
  • Episode 3: Into The Underdark – Aug 6, 2011.  The Uthgardth barbarians wish to forge an Alliance against the Horde invasion. The Council of the Ten Towns sends our heroes through the Underdark to get to the other side of the Spine of the World and parley with the barbarian tribes.
  • Episode 4: Targos Invasion – Aug 20, 2011. The epic defense of Targos against the Horde invasion. Ezra is kidnapped and Emma pursues the kidnappers.
  • Episode 5: The Grandfather Tree – Sep 3, 2011. Into the High Forest to rescue Emma
  • Episode 5-B: Ask Turlang – Sep 17, 2011. Role-playing session with Turlang to prepare for the assault on the Demon Temple
  • Episode 6: The Demon Temple Oct 8, 2011. The rescue of Emma Moonblade and Lysandros integration. Clytie bears the first Signet Ring (Ingenium)
  • Episode 7: Shadowfell – Nov 19, 2011. The final chapter of Book 1 where revelations are made. Bane is released into this world!

BOOK 2 (Pathfinder rules set)

  • Episode 8: Daemon Frost and the Owlbear – Jan 14, 2012. The true killer of DF’s wife and child revealed!
  • Episode 9: The Magma Dragon – Jan 28, 2012. The City of Shade appears! The party travels to Anauroch to intercept it and unravel its secrets. They encounter their first dragon.
  • Episode 10: Of Phaerimms and Shades – Feb 18, 2012. The party encounter the Phaerimm and free the Bedine prisoners. They recover the Netherese scroll and used the Phaerimm head to get an audience with Hadrhune, the leader of the City of Shade. They are attacked by the Blood Mother and find themselves in Targos after a freak teleport mishap.
  • Episode 11: The Tale of Isaac Kross – Mar. 17, 2012. Isaac’s true identity revealed. A betrayal that splits the party apart. The Gimos is finally finished and they head into space, keen on searching for starmaps to Krynn. Soon they dock at The Rock of Bral where they dive into the Zombie Infestation.
  • Episode 12: Justice for House Grachev – April 14, 2012. Our heroes develop a crafty plan to incite rumors against House Maraxis and Vitra. With the aid of the Thieves’ Guild and newfound allies, they bring the 2 corrupt nobles to justice and get their Krynn Starmaps. The Gimos is now ready to leave for Krynn!
  • Episode 13: Krynn – April 28, 2012. With the star maps from Nicolai, The Gimos finally arrives at Krynn. After an aerial battle with a Black Dragon, they land at Kendermore and discover that Skyclad is the last remaining Burrfoot. The ring is possibly located at the Towers of High Sorcery at Palanthas where they head off to explore.
  • Episode 14: Burdens of The Ring – May 12, 2012. The Company of Targos brave the Tests of High Sorcery, defeat Malystryx and recover the Anulus Mentem, the second Signet Ring of Power. In a power struggle, Lysandros incites the crew of the Gimos to court-marshal Clytie. Samael appears and Clytie loses the Anulus Ingenium to Findar, its new bearer.
  • Episode 15: It Must Have Been Love – Oct 13, 2012. Forced to make a tough choice, Skyclad and the party head back home to Faerun and declined Belladona’s request to help free Kendermore from the oppressive Knights of Neraka. They find Silverymoon besieged and discover that the third Signet Ring is in Ravenloft, the demi-plane of Dread! Briggs is slain by vampires and his cadaver taken by the fiends to the castle of Count Sthrad.
  • Episode 16: Ravenloft – Dec 1, 2012. In pursuit of Briggs’ captors, the party arrive at the village of Barovia where they encounter Ismark and his sister, Ireena Kolyana. Ireena is rumored to be twice-bitten by Count Strahd, lord of Castle Ravenloft and the most powerful vampire in the Domains of Dread who also happens to wear the 3rd Signet Ring or Power. (integration of Adrianne, Iggy’s new character)
  • Episode 17: The Defeat of Strahd – Jan 12, 2013. Clytie and Isaac return from a side-quest with information to destroy the Dayheart. The party scour the castle for the Sunsword and the Symbol of Ravenkind. They also encounter Briggs, the vampire. Soon, they are faced with Strahd in a final battle! Defeating Strahd, they acquire the Anulus Numen, the third Ring of Power. Daemon Frost bears this Ring.
  • Episode 18: Back to the Future – April 6, 2013. After defeating the Lord of Barovia and bringing back peace (albeit temporary) to the land, our heroes recover the 3rd Ring of Power. They elect to return to Faerun…. but, to their surprise, they arrive in the future. The Realms are thrown in Chaos and they must figure out how to set things straight and return back to their own timeline.

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