Winter’s Twilight was an old D&D Campaign I ran back in February 2003. In fact, our gaming group even had an old website that documented our stories and adventures.

That was my last campaign as a DM.

I ran the Winter’s Twilight campaign for 3 groups actually. Each group tried out the series of events that all began at Targos in the North (Forgotten Realms setting). And each group handled the campaign differently. It was fun to watch both individual styles and “group styles” of play. Others would find their unique solutions to the many problems during the course of the gaming sessions. And that is the real fun in a tabletop, pen and paper RPG. Unlike video games, where you are limited by the “linear” aspect of the software, in this game, there is almost no limit to what you can achieve. 

This current group is the 4th generation. And I wish them all the best.

The North, especially Icewind Dale holds a special place in my heart as a DM and as a player. During the early 2000’s I was in awe of the two PC games, Icewind Dale I and Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter. And suffice it to say that I have drawn heavily from inspiration from the materials presented in the video game. The Icewind Dale series (PC game) has been one of my favorite RPG games of all time.

I asked myself if translating that great experience into a “real” adventure and sharing it to others would be a worthwhile task. And yes, the answer is in the campaign/blog that you are viewing now.

As a DM, preparing adventures, stories and designing encounters is no joke.

I have to log in more hours in research and design (especially since I have to “re-read” the rules after all these years). That’s why I ask my players to give the same amount of detail to their characters. To flesh out their motivations. To question their character’s values, to seek their part in the story and their destiny in Winter’s Twilight.

The North is a tough place to live, and the campaign is a testament to that. Surviving the challenges are part of the fun. 

The real reward, for me, is creating lasting memories that you can share with your children and your loved ones for years to come.

That’s what RPGs have taught me and I feel obliged to share this great experience to as many of my friends as possible. A gift if you will.

Alas, in Winter’s Twilight… many are called but few are chosen.

Allow me to thank this game, the creators (RIP Gary Gygax) for this wonderful gift.


In Elvish they say;

Amin harmuva onalle e’ cormamin

Translated to Common it means “I shall treasure your gift in my heart”

Best Regards,

 ~ Mon Macutay. July 17, 2011


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