Episode 18: Back to the Future


After the defeat of Count Strahd and his Vampires, the morning of a new dawn breaks for Barovia. The witches, with the aid of Ireena Kolyana as the new mayor of Barovia, promise to bring law and order to the land.

EPISODE 18 “Back to the Future”

  • Game Date: April 6, 2013  (Saturday), San Juan
  • In-Game Date Start: Hammer (Jan) 30, 1373 DR
  • In-Game Date End:   Alturiak (Feb) 30, 1373 DR (1 month)


  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Ranger of the North, Level 11
  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, borne of King Connar IV, bearer of the Dragon Armor, Bearer of the Anulus Ingenium, Level 11
  • Alex Mena as Skyclad Nimblewind, The Last Burrfoot, Bearer of the Anulus Mentem, Level 11
  • Chase Gosingtian as Lysandros, Harper Paladin, Level 10
  • Iggy Javellana as Adrianne, The Inquisitor (Vampire Slayer), Level 8
  • Rex Golez as Isaac Kross, Assassin, Level 10

Reen discovers that his “boyfriend” may be one of the casualties, since he was most likely turned into a vampire by Strahd. He was last seen in the moutains north of the lake.

Meanwhile, with the help of Friar Donavich and the god Ezra himself, our heroes allow themselves to be swallowed by the Mists to leave the demiplanes of Ravenloft and return back to Faerun.

Before they leave, Ezra gives each character a vision of the future.



The party materialized into  the Keep of Silverymoon. They discover that it has been overrun by humanoids and giants. Battling their way, they emerge onto the sewers and make their way into the slums of the city.

There, they meet Andor Bog, a half-orc Harper sent into enemy territory to await their arrival. Andor brings them to the shack of Morrissey. It is now 1385DR, 13 years from when they set out to travel to Ravenloft. The party has stepped into the future!

Morrissey, to everyone’s surprise, is now a “leper” – he is sick with a disease known as Spellscar, a phenomenon known to afflict Arcane spellcasters due to the very nature of Faerun itself in this age. The Spellscar manifests thru the Spellplague – a malady that struck on 29th Tarsakh, 1385 DR and was caused by Mystra’s assassination at the hands of Cyric and Shar. With the goddess’s death, the Weave, the universal structure of arcane forces, convulsed.

Morrissey reveals the following information:

  • The army of Bane has now occupied much of the Northern Territories. But the Shade, now at the side of resistance, are pushing them back from Anauroch.
  • After the fall of Silverymoon and Neverwinter, The Harpers, and what’s left of their military might, have retreated to Waterdeep. They are led by Jorus Azuremantle, Elminster and Drizz’t Du’orden.
  • All crew of the Gimos are dead (except Leandro the cook, Morrissey and Oswald). Oswald returned to Targos to help the Shade with defending The North.
  • Lady Alustriel and her council were eliminated by Fzoul Chembryl, the Tyrant of Bane. Alustriel herself was personally slain by Fzoul.
  • Ruha the Seer has been publicly executed
  • Emma Moonblade is now the de facto leader of Sivler Marches and is in exile in Waterdeep.
  • The Harpers sent Morrissey and Andor Bog into Silverymoon with the mission of waiting for the party and guiding them back to Waterdeep to regroup.


Andor Bog lead the heroes to Waterdeep, avoiding the enemy along the way.

At the City of Spledors, they are met by Jorus Azuremantle who introduces them to Drizz’t and Elminster.

Access to Magic in the Realms is currently very difficult due to the Spellplague. (Even Azuremantle has embraced the ways of weapons and armor). However, there may be hope through an artifact known as the Imaskarcana – a book with the last known working Time Travel magic.



The Imaskar Empire (also known as the Raurin Empire) was an ancient human nation that ruled lands in the east that now comprise the nations of Mulhorand, Thay, and Unther. Its citizens were the Imaskari.

Their empire was known as the greatest makers of artifacts and magic items at that time. To fuel this greed, they opened portals into other dimensions so they can raid and acquire laborers and slaves.

Soon, these slaves revolted and thus began the demise of the Imaskar Empire.

A powerful lord named Ilphemon chose to abandon the falling empire. Leading a small number of his family members, apprentices and retainers, and taking with him the Imaskarcana, he descended into a wild and uncharted corner of the Underdark, hoping to escape the wrathful former slaves. Ilphemon and his retinue sought out a large cave imbued with powerful faerzress and discovered the vault that would become Deep Imaskar. After driving out the monsters that lived there, Ilphemon sealed the passage behind his people. The wizard-lord and his apprentices labored for many long years to lay the groundwork of the Great Seal and make their cavern home into a living garden, illuminated by the brilliantly radiant light.

Elminster whisks our heroes to the edge of the Underdark and sends them on a quest to acquire the Imaskarcana.


Descending the chasm atop Lysandros’ new Flying Carpet, the party make their way into abandoned Drow sentry camps. They also discover the Deep Road, an abandoned Underdark trade route.

Near the ruined city of Deep Imaskar, they were ambushed by Drow.

drow ambush

After defeating the Drow, they finally locate the final resting place of the Imaskarcana.

The Imaskarcana is guarded by an Adamantine Golem. Battle ensues!

In the middle of the battle with the Golem, Tazrae appears and commands Isaac Kross to fulfill his destiny – slay everyone in the name of Lloth, their goddess.

Isaac Kross, defiles this order and turns against those who trained him in the dark arts, he helps Deamon Frost land the killing blow on Tazrae, fulfilling a revenge years in the making!

The Golem is also defeated, the Imaskarcana acquired, and the Company return to Waterdeep.


Back at Waterdeep, Elminster, Jorus and Clytie perform the time travel ritual. Unfortunately, only 5 can step into the portal.

Isaac Kross volunteers to be left behind. He says his goodbyes and everyone else step into the portal….


episode 18 exp


  • “I will take point!” – Daemon Frost
  • “Everyone, put your weight to the left” – Reen
  • “Let me just tell you Findar, I AM THE CAPTAIN of this carpet!” – Lysandros
  • “Guys, in case you need it, I can summon GOATS and HORSES, ok?” – Skyclad
  • “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” – Friar Donavich
  • “All you need to do is ask me if I can help you find a way out of this plane” – Friar Donavich


And thus ends our 2nd book (or “series”, what-have-you) for Winter’s Twilight. We’re going to take a short break so that I can squeeze more creative juices and make more interesting stories and plot twists. I’d like to thank everyone who played and contributed their time and effort into the campaign and also into the creation of these stories – which, through the help of this blog, will hopefully live on as a lasting legacy.

3 Signet Rings of Power have already been discovered. To quote a cliche, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. It is interesting to see how great power changed (and is still changing) the personalities and motivations of the characters. We’ve seen the most change with Clytie. Now Findar and Skyclad had to make tough decisions as “Ring Bearers”. Currently, Daemon Frost is the newest member of this “club”, so to speak. And I watch in glee, how having a Ring might change DF’s behavior in future games.

There are a lot of questions that the party (both as a group and as individuals) would be asking themselves. Where are the other Rings? What do we do now? What is our enemy do? Do we actually know what their plans are and what their capabilities are? Will many more innocents die because of our quest? How long can we keep this a secret?

These and more will be answered as we start the final book of the trilogy.

‘Till then!


DM Mon


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