Episode 17: The Defeat of Strahd


With Strahd’s treachery, our heroes have mortality wounded Reen, the Vampire Hunter. Now, they must race against time to find the two other relics and figure out how to combine them to finally defeat the Overlord of Ravenloft.

EPISODE 17 “The Defeat of Strahd”

  • Game Date: Jan 12, 2013  (Saturday), San Juan
  • In-Game Date Start: Hammer (Jan) 29, 1373 DR
  • In-Game Date End:   Hammer (Jan) 30, 1373 DR (1 day)


  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Ranger of the North, Level 10
  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, borne of King Connar IV, bearer of the Dragon Armor, Bearer of the Anulus Ingenium, Level 11
  • Alex Mena as Skyclad Nimblewind, The Last Burrfoot, Bearer of the Anulus Mentem, Level 11
  • Chase Gosingtian as Lysandros, Harper Paladin, Level 10
  • Iggy Javellana as Adrianne, The Inquisitor (Vampire Slayer), Level 8 (ABSENT, NPC)
  • Meng Morales, Clytie, the Demon Sorceress, Level 10
  • Isaac Cross, Assassin, Level 9


Samael sends a message to Clytie and Isaac: leave the party and journey to the shores of Lake Stradovich. There they are to meet an “old friend” who will help them defeat Strahd.

Soon enough, Clytie and Isaac come face to face with Nicolai Grachev, the Lich they helped at The Rock of Bral. Grachev has risked much of his power to journey to this Demi-plane. As a way of repaying the party, he has found the key to destroy Strahd’s weakness – located at an old, abandoned temple in the shores of Lake Stradovich. As soon as Nicolai gives Clytie and Isaac this information, he leaves the Demi-plane for fear of risking being detected by the Overlord, Strahd.

Sorceress and Assassin soon discover that the temple was once erected to worship Ezra, the same boy that borne Bane. There, they encounter haunts and apparitions of Kolyan Indirovich, Burgomaster of Barovia and father to Ismark and Ireena.


Exploring the temple, they uncover journals and tomes detailing the Church of Ezra and a locket, along with information on how to destroy The Dayheart – the thing that allows Strahd and his vampire minions to “Daywalk” (survive even in direct sunlight). The document hints on the use of a “blood of a martyr” to complete the ritual.

They head back to rendezvous with the party at the castle.


In shock at what transpired to Reen, SkyClad and Daemon Frost develop insanities. After making their way to the Chapel, they discover the Icon of Ravenloft – a sacred item which can be used in their quest. Greed and chaos ensues – Skyclad takes the relic and “disappears”. Lysandros demands that he keep the relic.

As soon as Skyclad appears, Daemon Frost attacks! All hell breaks loose!

Findar tries to calm their emotions and Skyclad finally uses his Ring to rid himself and Daemon Frost of the madness.


Already possessing the Tome of Strahd, the party must find the two other magical items which, if combined, can finally defeat Strahd.

They make their way to the belly of Castle Ravenloft and find themselves in the Catacombs. There, they locate the Sunsword at the Tomb of Sergei and the Symbol of Ravenkind at the tomb for Ireena Kolyana.

The party head back to the Chapel to consecrate the sword and the symbol for around 8 hours. There, they are attacked by Strahd’s vampires – which they dispatch with ease.

They then make their way to the topmost spire of the castle. There, they meet Isaac and Clytie (they give the Contact Home Power cleric scroll to Findar too). Soon, they discover The Dayheart – a ten foot, floating heart-shaped crystal, glowing with power.

Guarding the Dayheart are Dimitri, Strahd’s captain of the Blood Guard and their old friend – Briggs, now a vampire!


Dimitri grabs Ireena and flies! Clytie gives chase (and ultimately catches Ireena’s fall)

The vampire Briggs mortality wounds Lysandros while Findar and Isaac try to solve the secret of destroying The Dayheart. Findar takes the blood of the fallen Lysandros (a martyr?) and tries to destroy the Dayheart with the locket and his weapon – no effect!

Meanwhile, Daemon Frost and Skyclad are engaged with Briggs. The ranger decides to bull-rush the vampire Giff. Success! Briggs falls 300 feet to his death(?).

Isaac and Clytie then remember that the scroll was sealed with “wax”. The “wax” turned out to be the actual blood of Ezra. Findar uses that and powers the locket, with it, he smashes the Dayheart to a million pieces!

With the power of Strahd and his minions diminished, they head back to the Chapel for the final ritual to consecrate and power the Sunsword.


In the first round, Daemon Frost activates “Daylight” from the Sunsword. Strahd, hurt, turns to his mist form and rushes to his tomb.


The party pursue.

In the tomb, they unleash their best offensive powers against Strahd. Strahd falls!

But lightning bolts and other spells rain at them from behind – they fought an illusion! The real Strahd is still alive!

With only Findar to guide them (with his True Sight), the party, with difficulty, manage to determine his location (Greater Invisibility is the bomb!). Soon, they spot the master vampire and unleash a barrage of attacks.

Deamon Frost finishes Strahd with the final blow from the Sunsword!

A simple, runic ring falls after Strahd is immolated. – The Anulus Numen, the Ring of Power of the Body.

Daemon Frost picks it up…


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