Cleric and Divine Spells in Spelljammer and Other Planes


Some notes and rules clarification regarding Divine and Clerical spells when the player-character is not on his native plane.


Generally, your deity grants your spells when you pray or prepare for them daily.

Your deity should have “influence” in the plane, crystal sphere or planet where you currently are. Influence is defined by two factors, one, your deity’s domain is present in that area and two, your deity has established worshipers and/or a church or religion in the area where you are.

If the answer to the above is “no”, then your cleric will have difficulty using more powerful spells as clarified by the rules below:


  • Clerics (and Paladins) can prepare and cast level 1 to 3 spells as normal
  • For spells levels 4 and above, a caster must perform a check similar to “concentration” which will call a “Contact Deity” check; d20 + Caster Level + Wisdom modifier¬†(DM Note: this scraps the old method of using your Will Save values for the rolls)
  • Paladins and other similar classes (core or prestige) use CHA instead of WIS
  • DC value:
    • 25 + Spell Level + Other (DM call)
  • Planes and areas may add or subtract to the DC based on the rules of magic, physics and divinity. DM will tell you.
  • Channel Positive Energy is treated as a Level 4 spell
  • Smite is treated as Level 5
  • For other spell-like abilites or powers that need deity intervention, DM will advice you when situation arise

Note that there will some spells, magic items, feats or special powers that may either add modifiers to these rules (add bonuses to the Contact Deity check) or may modify the above completely.

Your DM will advice you when such situations arise.


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