How To Use Notches or Hero Points


Happy New Year guys! Just documenting our “Notch” (aka Hero Point) house rule.


  1. Act out of Turn: use your notch to take your turn/initiative now. You can move your initiative to where you want to act. Sometimes, this may take more than 1 notch
  2. Bonus to Roll: Get a +8 BEFORE the roll or a +4 AFTER the roll to a d20
  3. Extra Action: Gain a Standard or Move action
  4. Inspiration or Hint: Get a clue or hint from the DM
  5. Recall: A spell just cast
  6. Reroll: self explanatory
  7. Special: depends on situation and approval of DM
  8. Cheat Death: 2 notches to cheat death. Sometimes the DM will not allow it
  9. Trade for XP: Give a notch back to the DM and you will earn around 100XP x your current level. Only 2 notches per end-of-session may be used this way and only during EXP awarding

For more details check out the Pathfinder SRD article on HERO POINTS

That’s it. Hope this helps!



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