The Hiatus

It’s been 6 months since the last game. Sadly, we (as a group) couldn’t get our schedules together. Too much conflict with work, family and other personal matters. Well, such is the fact about this other RPG called “Life” (3rd Edition). Lols

Sitting in front of my home PC, after minutes of looking over the blog, going through the voluminous volumes of lore and stories that we weaved together brings a smile. I fondly remember all the wonderful times we had during the campaign – the tense moments, tear-jerker scenes, the suspenseful events and the epic “twangs” of action and mayhem, capitulated by the perfectly-timed punchline – filled the “third floor” with echoes of fun, good times and camaraderie.

Like Defcon 2, we were usually at the brink of starting a game. Alas, it would be cancelled by bouts of bad weather, family emergencies and events that simply could not compete against a geeky afternoon of throwing dice and pushing minis with your friends.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully understand the importance of choice – choice to be with your loved ones, choice to be in a certain place and time because of important responsibilities. It would have been a different story back in the 90’s (or for me, the 80’s) where we were free from responsibilities as young men and ladies. How I would kill to meet Dr. Emett Brown and ride his Delorean to take me back in time. Sigh.

If ever the campaign would come to an end (which I hope would not), I will take great pride in knowing that I have been part of introducing my close friends (Keith, Alex, Meng, Nil, Chase, Iggy, Phil, and Rex) to a game/hobby, nay, a way of life called TABLETOP ROLE-PLAYING. In one or another, I always boast that D&D changed my life. The least I can do is share this gift to the people I truly care about.

They will forever be immortalized by bardic songs about Daemon Frost, the father who followed the path of the forest to seek his family’s killers, Clytie – who carried a huge burden which almost tore through the sinews of friendship, SkyClad Nimblewind – who found himself torn between fighting for a cause or fighting for his home, Findar – thrust into the mantle of leadership, borne out of necessity, a dwarf who discovered that his bloodline changed the course of history, Lysandros – who would be questioning his morality and his very nature because of a single, tragic, event, Morrisey – a spellcaster who found himself caught between allegiance to his new friends or allegiance to the Harpers, Isaac Kross – who weaved a skillful web of deceit and intrigue which split the party in two and finally, the spacefarer Briggs Atrophos – who found a new group where he could put his combat skills to good use.

The true measure of a good tabletop game will not be in how someone skillfully “optimized” (in some geek forums this is read as “abused”) the rules to gain advantages over monsters and situations nor would be the masterful interpretation of the rules by the DM and/or the players. The true measure of how good a campaign would always be tales of your adventures. Tales that will bring a smile to your place when you share it with your other friends, or, in the near future, with your children.

The crackle of flames call us to the campfire.

Stories about our epic adventures are itching to be told.

Do we have enough stories? We can never be enough.

The night is young. Let us game once more.

Who’s in?

Strength and Honor,

Mon Macutay. October 9, 2012.


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