The Legend of the Signet Rings

In the dawn of time, before the birth of the universe, of gods and men, there existed only Light and Darkness. From these two forces, powerful beings simply known as The Creators stirred.

The Old Ones were maleficent beings belonging to the Creators that enjoyed pain, sorrow and misery. They were powerful beyond belief, and during the time when early worlds formed, The Old Ones devoured the pitiful inhabitants to satiate their hunger for emotions. The Old Ones were “vampires” that fed on the raw emotions and potential psychic energy of their victims. They derived nourishment (and joy) feeding on Pain, Anguish, Sorrow, Hate and Fear. These beings were considered the ultimate evil.

For ten thousand years, known as the Time of Chaos, the Old Ones ruled the multiverse. Their actions were documented in the Tristine Chronicles;

“scores of people men will never know did perish by the power of the consuming Darkness”

A few beings and creatures managed to survive the Time of Chaos; elves, titans, angels, dragons, gods, demi-gods and demons. Though diminished, they persisted and lived to see the dawn of the new age.

In the Time of Chaos, the Old Ones created servants whom they called the Warriors of the Dark – powerful, supernatural entities tasked to carry out their capricious whims. Ten warriors were also detailed in The Tristine Chronicles. Each with their own, distinct power and specialty.

The remaining gods rallied and forged an alliance to stop the Old Ones and their servants. This alliance was called the Forces of Light. 

To combat the Warriors of the Dark, the Alliance forged the legendary Signet Rings. Five gods sacrificed themselves during the forging and their essences transferred into the rings of power.

With the odds now balanced, the Great War began.

Five bearers called, The Chosen, were ordered to bear the Rings and to hunt down and eliminate the Warriors of the Dark. The Chosen swore to do the following

  1. Locate and defeat the Warriors of the Dark
  2. Assist the Forces of Light to banish The Old Ones
  3. Help the enslaved races to recover and rebuild what little is left of their decimated worlds

The Five Signet Rings

1. The Anulus Anima

The Anima is also called the main Signet Ring. It has power over the Soul. The Bearer of the Anima’s main responsibility is to augment the powers of the other rings and to be catalyst for the Rings’ conjunctive abilities. It allows The Chosen to function as one. The Bearer of the Anima is also considered the leader of The Chosen as gains special benefits, rights and privileges

2. The Anulus Mentem

This Signet Ring has full and complete influence over the Mind. It harnesses psychic powers of cosmic proportions. Three deities’ essences were incorporated into this Ring, their control over the domains of the Positive Mentem, Negative Mentem and the Psyche (psionics directly linked to the pysical elements).

3. The Anulus Magica

This Signet Ring has full control over the Spirit and Arcana (cosmic Magic). The Bearer of the Anulus Magica is the ultimate spell-caster. Unfortunately, the Anima also corrupts and destroys the Bearer. He or she must choose between two schools of Magic; Ordered or Chaotic. Both paths have their pros and cons, all lost to history.

4. The Anulus Numen

In Latin, “Numen” means power. The Bearer of the Anulus Numen becomes the ultimate warrior and master of all martial arts. He controls the essence of the Body and also has influence over Destruction. Parts of the Tristine Chronicles that survived the Time of Chaos documents that the Bearer of this Ring was personally responsible for the death of several Warriors of the Dark in single, mortal combat.

5. The Anulus Ingenium

The Ingenium has the influence over the domain of Divination. It also has full control over the Undead as well as possessing the powers of the Intellect. Matter and the elements also bow down to the wishes of its Bearer, though not without cost. The Ingenium can also detect the presence of most Warriors of the Dark.

Current Bearer: Clytie

The Great War

Armed with the Signet Rings, The Chosen completed their quest, ultimately destroying their enemies. Fearful that destroying The Old Ones could create a backlash of epic proportions, the Forces of Light were forced to imprison them in the very bowels of the universe and left in a deep slumber.

The Age of Twilight

Their tasks done, The Chosen were disbanded and the Signet Rings were scattered in different worlds. The location of the various rings are now forever lost in the thousands of years since then.

The Age of Twilight then saw the birth of men, dwarves and other races. Worlds formed and flourished. Wars were fought, lands were disputed and Father Time continued to spin his wheel.

A select group of beings known as The Keepers were formed by the forces of Light. Since then, the Keepers have distanced themselves from both Light and Darkness, vowing to keep “The Balance”.

The being simply known as The Stranger belongs to that group.


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