PCs and NPCs, Magic the Gathering Version

Wouldn’t it be cool to “convert” the campaign Player Characters into Magic: The Gathering cards? Well… let’s see what happens.

Although not a “full conversion”, I just fiddled using this online MTG card generator to have cool Magic Cards for the cast and crew;

Let’s start with the “small-folk”, Skyclad and Oswald…

And then, there’s Frost and Clytie, of course…

Let’s not forget the “White” characters, the Cleric and the Paladin…

And of course, after the PCs, come the NPCs. Let’s meet our favorite supporting characters, Emma Moonblade and the beloved Thorin Seeker:

Last, but certainly not the least, is that wretched merc-for-hire: Thunder Dickenson!

Had lots of fun making them. Once I find a nice colored printer, will probably use these for our homebrew initiative tracking card system!



One thought on “PCs and NPCs, Magic the Gathering Version

  1. Next time, I’ll prolly use real MTG abilities and powers for the PCs and the NPCs.

    What do you think is “bagay”?

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