House Rules and New Rules

Hey everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood DM! Let me just give you a rundown of the new, edited house rules and some important rules which I uploaded at Obsidian Portal.

Take time to familiarize yourselves with the following

  • Notches – you do recall that I award “Notches” for good role-playing or for great ideas, etc, right? Do you wonder what you can use those Notches for? Well, all the goodies are here. You can use them for re-rolls, as luck points or to gain information or even to max out your HP rolls when advancing a level.
  • Attendance – Let’s spill the beans on rewards and penalties for absent, early or late players, ok?
  • Death and Dying – A lot of you always ask me when you can get up from “negative hit points”. Ask no more. The rules here cover everything from Unconscious, Dying and Dead states.

Finally, Our copy of the new Pathfinder Core Rules just arrived. This means that we will convert to Pathfinder after Book 1 (end of Episode 7 or 8 ) so that all PC’s are “Pathfinder-ready” for Book 2. Pathfinder is a great revision of 3.5 (some call it 3.75) and is, IMHO, way better than 4th Ed.



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