Episode 5-B: Ask Turlang

In this non-combat (role-playing episode only), the characters confront Turlang to prepare for their quest to assault the abandoned Demon Temple at the Lost Peaks.

September 17, 2011 (Saturday). Astoria Hotel 7pm onwards

It was also decided to advance the characters to the next level and EXP (below) will just be deducted from the Episode 6 adventure


  • Keith Morales (Daemon Frost) EXP:  +645
  • Meng Morales (Clytie) EXP: Not yet leveled
  • Alex Mena (SkyClad) EXP: +496
  • Nil Caruncho (Findar) Not included in the level up (L6)
  • Janrey Solomon (Thunder Dickenson) Not included in the level up (L4)
  • Chase Gosingtian (generated new PC) Lysandros, Human Paladin Level 4


1. What can we expect in the Demon Temple?

TURLANG SAID: The demon temple at the Lost Peaks has long been abandoned. My treants and other allies/agents have not been in that area for a some time. Legend has it that this Demon Temple was once a shrine to the “Old Ones”, who are called Tanar’ri. The tanar’ri are the dominant subcategory of demons. Originally created by the obyriths as slaves; they eventually revolted against the obyriths, killing most of them, and taking over as the dominant race of demons on the Abyss. Most known demon lords are tanar’ri. The tanar’ri are essentially classic demons; those that arose as a result of faith and humanity and are reflections of cruelty, evil and sin. They usually have a basic humanoid shape, although there are several exceptions. You can expect undead, possibly the remains of the demon worshipers or traditional dungeon denizens like Behir, humanoids. There is, of course, the possibility of Tanar’ri guarding the treasures and secrets of their temple.

2. What treasures?

TURLANG SAID:  In ancient times (-2770 DR), one of the great, legendary dwarven rulers, King Connar IV of Ammarindar, wore his legendary armor known as the Dragonsheart. It is an epic plate mail fashioned from the skin of the Ancient Wyrm Rithaerosurffel. With this armor and his army, King Connar IV ruled for hundreds of years (when dragons were still prevalent in Faerun). Connar vanquishes many of the creatures that have devastated Sharrven, including the red wyrm known as the Bane of Sharrven, Rithaerosurffel.

The King was killed in another battle and his armor has been lost since that time. There are rumors that his armor is in the Demon Temple.

3. Skyclad: “I have seen what appears to be a shifting tatoo in Ezra’s back”

TURLANG SAID: Tattoo magic is a long lost magical artform that existed during the times when the City of Shade and the magical kingdom of Netheril were still flourishing as great empires. Basically, Tattoo magic draws its power from the Weave, a network of both good and evil magic and manifests itself in the form of runes or tattoos. The art has long been lost to all but the most powerful of spellcasters today. A form of that magic has been adapted by the dwarves and is called The Runic Arts.

Back in the last days of Netheril, the flying city of Shade was ruled by a powerful wizard known as Lord Shadow, the man who discovered how to travel to other dimensions (or “planes of existence”) and return safely with treasure and magic. One of these places was the Plane of Shadow, which is a strange realm of muted light and darkness inhabited with shadow creatures. While the other people of Netheril eventually welcomed his discovery as a source of slaves and a place to dispose of unwanted things, Lord Shadow saw it as much more than that. He loved the strange realm, its responsiveness to his magic, and the things he could learn from its strange energies. Over time he developed ways to transport more and more material to and from the Plane of Shadow, and he eventually completed a spell to send his entire city to the Plane of Shadow.

Aslo, “Outsiders”, those not of this Prime Material Plane are sometimes more susceptible to imbalances in the Weave. That is why they can see Tattoos or Runes as they are.

4. Daemon Frost (in private): “Can you help me look more into my past to see if the Halfling really murdered my family?”

TURLANG SAID: Unfortunately, I cannot. My protectors, the Tree Ghost Tribe do not take lightly to the use of Magic. Perhaps my other allies such as the Lady Alustriel, the liege of Emma Moonblade may assist you. Ranger, evil works in surprising ways. One of their weapons is to use your allies against you. Once they break through your bonds of trust, then they would have the upper hand. Steel yourself, half elf!


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