Episode 5: The Grandfather Tree

Emma Moonblade is in grave danger! After a successful defense of Targos, our heroes make haste towards the High Forest to seek the Grandfather Tree and Turlang, the great Treant, to seek answers to their questions…

Game Date: September 3, 2011 (Saturday)


  • Alex Mena as SkyClad NimbleWind, Kender Rogue, Level 5
  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, Dwarven Cleric of Dumathoin, Level 5
  • Chase Gosingtian as Stark the Blaze, Human Bard, Level 4 (DM controlled NPC today)
  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Half-Elven Ranger, Level 5
  • Meng Morales as Clytie, Elven Sorceress, Level 5
  • Janrey Solomon as Thunder Dickenson, Human Fighter, Level 3

After the defense at the Palisades,  Emma informed Daemon Frost to seek Turlang at the High Forest and that she was “in grave danger” (via a hawk/messenger). Bednir’s father, the Mayor Ulbrec, is also sick with an unknown, magical disease. Bednir also asks the party to seek any medicinal or magical cure at the Grandfather Tree.

Moreso, speaker Jarl of the Wyrm Tribe, tells the tale of how sacred the “Arakhor” is to their tribes since it is the source of all their beliefs. “It is an Uthgardth warrior’s goal to see the Grandfather Tree before he dies”, said the Barbarian Chieftain. All Uthgardt pray once a day facing the direction of the High Forest and the Grandfather tree.

Chief Jarl also gives his necklace to party to present to Sven, one of the leaders of the Tree Ghost tribe, the Uthgardth barbarian tribe guarding the Arakhor so that they will be granted passage.

Thorin Seeker and Findar complete a ritual in honor of the fallen from the battle. They then burn the rest of the dead Orcs. Thorin Seeker promises to accompany the party in their quest to rescue Emma.

Thunder Dickenson is employed by Daemon Frost as a mercenary. Bednir also vows to compensate the Fighter if he aids the party. Dickenson makes a tough choice between his lieutenants, Oliver and Myk, on who leave in command of his troops. Dickenson chooses Myk to be the one in charge. Oliver, the lucky one, gets the barmaid, Jasmine.

Meanwhile, there is merry-making and a huge party thrown by Thunder at the Salty Dog. With wise use of his new Gloves of Storing, SkyClad impresses everyone with his “drinking prowess” while divesting some poor soldiers of their well-earned wages.

Findar goes to the palisades to interrogate some Orc prisoners. The Orc prisoner, after insulting Findar’s mother, surrenders the information that the dwarf needs – there are no more forces left at Bremen. The town council has decided that Bednir and Garius Subeth lead the mission to reclaim Bremen from the humanoid forces.

Oswald is currently preoccupied with the repairs of The Gimos, which sustained massive damage during the invasion. He says that it will take around 2 to 3 days to fully repair the airship.

The Meeting With The Drow

Tazrae sends a message to Findar and Frost. They are instructed to meet them alone tomorrow midnight at the ruins of Black Haven.

The party decides to follow nevertheless.

Frost acquires his first animal companion, a Wolf, and names it “Slaughter”.

They meet Tazrae and her two companions;

“It is time to claim the favor which you promised, Ranger”, said the Drow.

“Again, I must insist. That, if it within my capabilities, then I will grant it” said Frost.

“Very well” sneered Tazrae. “We wish to seek passage and travel with you to the High Forest”

“May I ask why?” Daemon Frost replied. At this point, Findar casts Zone of Truth.

“That is none of your concern.” replied Tazrae.

Findar interrupts; “Have you dealt with the Dwarves of Mirabar?”

“Yes we did”

“Do you know a certain Burgon Hammerson?”

“No. What are you implying?” an obviously insulted Tazrae snarled. The other Drow reach for their sword hilts.

“Have you dealt with a certain Burgon Hammerson?” Findar repeated.

To which the Drow replied with mere silence.

“It is settled then” Frost interjected. Hoping to stop a fight. “In three days, we will pick you up here with the airship. Be ready”

“Many thanks, Ranger”. With that, Tazrae and the Drow disappeared back into the shadows. As silent as the snow which began to fall.

The High Forest

It took The Gimos eight days to travel from Targos to the edges of the High Forest. The Drow kept to themselves during the day deep inside the hull of the airship.

Once at the edge of the High Forest, everyone descends from The Gimos. Oswald mutters a password and claps! To everyone’s amazement, The Gimos magically folded into a small cube which the Gnome Artificer hid in one of his many pockets.

Tazrae thanks the party and leaves.

Our heroes tread on.

Moments later, they encounter a Paladin with two women and female child.

The Paladin stops the party and asks for help. His name is Tarion, a Paladin of Helm (God of Protection). His companions are wounded. He claims that they are the only survivors of a caravan ambushed by Owl Bears from Cormyr. They are en route to Neverwinter.

Slaughter, Frost’s wolf is agitated.

Findar casts Detect Thoughts but gets no bearing on all 4 strangers. Clytie casts Detect Magic and, new to the spell, is distracted by the magical items of her party-mates (especially Oswald and SkyClad).

SkyClad and Oswald operate Oswald’s Undead Detector. A few seconds later, the needle points to the general direction of the Paladin of Helm!

Tarion and the women reveal their true nature – they are Huecuva, powerful undead, cursed Clerics of those unfaithful to their gods.

Battle ensues. With the turning capabilities of both Thorin Seeker and Findar, they make quick work of the Undead. Slaughter is afflicted with disease from the Huecuva’s touch.

On the second night, the party is attacked by 6 Owl Bears! Daemon Frost, Thunder Dickenson and Oswald fall in the ensuing battle. Findar, Thorin, SkyClad and Clytie are in the thick of the fray. Thanks to Clytie’s great use of her spells and magic items, they slay four Owl Bear. The remaining two are killed by arrows and spears which hailed from high atop the forest canopy.

And yes, poor Slaughter was… well… slaughtered.

Warriors of the Uthgardth Tree Ghost tribe appear before them.

Findar shows them the necklace from Jarl, of the Worm Tribe and wish to be escorted to the Grandfather tree.

The Tree Ghost tribe gladly oblige.

The Grandfather Tree

Once at the Grandfather tree, the PCs discover that Turlang and the Arakhor/Grandfather Tree are one and the same. Turlang shares the following historical information to the PCs

  • The tale of ManshoonHellgate Keep and Fzoul Chembryl
  • the birth of the Zhentarim
  • How factions between Manshoon and Fzoul almost tore the organization
  • The Time of Troubles where Cyric killed Bane and stole his portfolio
  • The Zhentarim’s ploy to bring back Bane to this world via his son, the Cambion (half-demon) Iyachtu Xvim
  • Emma Moonblade was currently kidnapped by Zhent agents and have brought her to a ruined Demon Temple at the Lost Peaks.

The party also seek medical help for Bednir’s father.

Turlang will grant them that if the solve a riddle:

It appears once every minute / twice every moment / but never ever in one hundred thousand years

“The Letter M” muttered Clytie.

“Well said, Sorceress” Turlang intoned. Here is your just reward.


  • “I don’t know. I guess they are more BEAR than OWL” ~Findar
  • “Luvheeeeeet!!!” ~Turlang
  • “The Lord will not allow it!” ~ Lt. Myk
  • (Orcish) “Nanay mo unano!” ~ the Orc prisoner
  • “Do you guys know what ‘ALONE’ means?” ~Deamon Frost in reference to the Drow’s condition on how they would meet
  • Oswald: “What did Frost name his wolf?” SkyClad: “Slaughter. Nyehehehe!”
  • Combat: 2,600 XP
  • Story: 1,000 XP
  • Notches: 400 each (Meng got 2!)

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