Episode 4: Targos Invasion

Returning from the Spine of the World, our heroes managed to forge an alliance with the Wyrm Tribe of Uthgardth barbarians. The humanoids from Bremen, led by the mysterious Frost Maiden, has marched the massive army south and is headed towards Targos.

Game Date: Aug 20, 2011 (Saturday)


  • Alex Mena as SkyClad NimbleWind, Kender Rogue, Level 4
  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, Dwarven Cleric of Dumathoin, Level 4
  • Chase Gosingtian as Stark the Blaze, Human Bard, Level 3 (DM controlled NPC today)
  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Half-Elven Ranger, Level 4
  • Meng Morales as Clytie, Elven Sorceress, Level 4
  • Janrey Solomon as Thunder Dickenson, Human Fighter, Level 2

Preparing for Battle

The Company of Targos have five days to prepare for the siege.

Findar crafts some items for his friends, Oswald finishes SkyClad’s new “shoulder dagger thrower”. Meanwhile, Oswald and Thorin Seeker direct some troops and artisans to craft 3 ballistae. 2 of these are mounted at the Gimos and one mounted at the Palisade gates where the entire Targos army and its allies will mount its defense of the town.

SkyClad rallies some militia and sets up pit traps along the perimeter.

Meanwhile, Clytie and Oswald scout ahead aboard the Gimos to confirm the location of the enemy. Thorin Seeker arrives with reinforcements from Brynn Shander commanded by Thunder Dickenson, (human Fighter).

Thorin Seeker cautions Findar on his initial decision to meet the enemy outside the gates. The dwarf respects the Battle-Priests’ sound judgement and decides that majority of their force will wait inside the walls. The Gimos returns with news about the humanoid formation. They have 2 medium catapults, Giants, Trolls and Orc Elite among their roster.

On the day before the battle, the Uthgardth arrive. Daemon Frost takes command of the Barbarian division with the blessings of Speaker Jarl.

The Dreams Before D-Day

Ezra contacts Findar via a dream. “You have proven yourself loyal to your religion, Mr. Dwarf, are you ready to see if you are loyal to your race?” said Ezra.

Ezra leads Findar to a pool where he sees visions of his father dealing with drow… Tazrae and her troupe! There, it is revealed that Findar’s father sold mining secrets – locations of prime spots and lodestone areas to the Drow; a significant reason why the dwarven miners’ business have been declining these past few years.

Findar’s father is indeed a traitor. Shocked, Findar tries to ask more questions but Ezra vanishes as abrupt as he appeared.

Daemon Frost too is visited by the boy via his own dream.

There, he sees visions of the murder of his wife and daughter and also Emma Moonblade captured and in grave danger. Emma is fighting robed figures with the notable tatoo of the Zhentarim. Ezra asks Daemon Frost to help him and Emma and assured him that they are safe but time is not on their side. Ezra also tells the ranger to seek out Turlang, a great Treant in the High Forest to answer more of his questions.

Finally, Ezra shows Daemon Frost the truth about the murder of his family.

Frost’s wife and daughter were murdered by a halfling…. and a very familiar one at that!

The Siege at the Gates

The first order of business was to send The Gimos (with Clytie, Oswald and some troops) as an advance scout.

Once the Gimos spotted the humanoid army, they dropped down to bombard the catapult units with oil. The flying ship was, unfortunately, within boulder-shot of the giants.

The giants opened fire at The Gimos, severely damaging the craft. The Gimos was forced to retreat back to the camp and the ballistae from it were re-positioned at the walls.

Meanwhile, the enemy catapult opened up its deadly barrage at the gates and at beyond the Pallisade walls. Findar gathered the 20 elite cavalry of Torm and charged the enemy from the south flank. The enemy line soon left the catapults open and the cavalry engaged. The trolls were sent to defend the catapults but the superior speed of the Paladins were no match for them.

Once the main enemy line reached the sunken traps, Targos archers let loose a volley of arrows. This was supported by friendly ballista now mounted strategically at the top of the walls.

The goblins and regular orc units were slowly weakened by this defense and most of them fled due to low morale.

Meanwhile, Clytie kept barraging the giants, the enemy’s strongest units, with her spells and her lightning bolts from her Necklace of Uluthium.

Skyclad rallied some troops to do surgical strikes on the flank while the main enemy units tried to force the gates open with a Siege Engine.

All that Thunder Dickenson and Daemon Frost could do was wait just beyond the gates. Daemon Frost was ready with his 500 Uthgardth Barbarians while the entire Brynn Shander militia was at the beck and call of Dickenson. Anxious for the combat which would come any minute now.

Once the gate was broken, the Barbarians and the Dickenson’s units cut down the remaining enemy to ribbons. Clytie relentlessly assaulted the Giants and Trolls with her spells.

A few rounds of skirmishes and the remaining humanoid forces were forced to flee and panic.

Targos is safe once more!

Notch Awards

  • Alex gets a notch for the idea of digging up traps within the perimeter
  • Keith, Meng and Nil get extra EXP for showing up early 🙂

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