Episode 3: Into the Underdark

Through a messenger, the Uthgardth barbarian tribe of the Great Wyrm wants to make an alliance with the Ten Towns. With the town of Targos under threat of invasion by the humanoids, our heroes venture deep into the Underdark to seek a portal and rally the barbarians to their side.

Episode 3 “Into The Underdark”

Aug 6, 2011


• Alex Mena as SkyClad NimbleWind, Kender Rogue, Level 3
• Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, Dwarven Cleric of Dumathoin, Level 3
• Chase Gosingtian as Stark the Blaze, Human Bard, Level 3
• Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Half-Elven Ranger, Level 3
• Meng Morales as Clytie, Elven Sorceress, Level 3 (DM controlled NPC today)

The Company of Targos learns that a Doppleganger pretending to be Uncle Lars has abducted the boy Ezra.  A massive army of orcs will descend upon Targos in a week’s time through a land bridge NE of Black Haven.

They return to Targos from Bremen aboard the Gimos.

There, Bednir gives them the sad news; Emma Moonblade is in pursuit of the assailant and is tracking them East towards the High Forest (Emma has left a note addressed to Daemon Frost).

Bednir gathers the entire party and introduces them to Helbor, a messenger from the Uthgardth barbarians. He says that his leader, the Speaker Jarl, wishes to parley with representatives of Targos in order to forge a military alliance. However, time is of the essence, the journey through Bremen’s Pass might not get the barbarian army in time to aid the town’s defense.

Helbor tells them of a secret portal which could significantly cut the travel time. This portal can only be accessed through the Underdark via a shaft in Bremen’s Run.

The party convinces Helbor to board The Gimos and be dropped at the Underdark entrance.

Bednir rides to seek aid from Brynn Shander. Thorin Seeker rides towards Luskan to recruit mercenaries.

The Gimos leaves at first light for its new mission.



The pary finds the shaft leading down towards the Underdark. They use Sky’s Troll Gut rope with a Light Spell to look around. Deamon Frost, Findar and SkyClad trigger spores from strange, giant mushrooms. The spores dispel some of their magic items (without their knowledge). They descend 70′ down into the icy depths.

The Dwarven Halls

They find themselves at the massive dwarven halls of Clan Battlehammer where they are attacked by a couple of Grells. One of the Grells grabbed Helbor’s assistant and flies off (the poor, unnamed NPC is dead!). The party slays the other and gathers loot from the dead bodies in the Grell lair.

Dwarven Crypt Spawn

Our heroes discover a throne room with 5 mummified Dwarven warriors. Findar starts to ascend the stairs.

The dwarven corpse in the throne suddenly animates and confronts Findar. He is a Crypt Spawn (undead).

His name is General Morden of Clan Battlehammer, commander of the 5th division. He was cursed to guard these passages in undeath. Findar convinces the general that he and his friends mean them no harm. Morden demands a magical item to signify their trust. Findar gives him his Moonstone gem. In return, Morden gives him 3 bars of gold and makes a last request – perform a Dwarven religious ritual to slay them forever and free them of the undead curse. Findar grabs his Holy Symbol of Dumathoin and begins his prayers.

Findar easily frees the other 4 elite guards but encounters some problems with Morden. Morden’s undead instincts take over and he attacks Findar. Findar manages to turn the Crypt Spawn, complete his prayers, and end Morden’s curse.

Findar opens the secret door and follows the rest of the party out of the throne room (not without SkyClad looting a few dwarven items and artifacts without Findar’s knowledge. Hehehe)

The Mirror of Opposition 

SkyClad unlocks a huge metal door and they find themselves in a large room. At each corner of the massive room are ledges leading to a 60-foot drop with stalagmites below. At the center of the room are dead bodies and three large mirrors. They find a note on a dead body that appears to be instructions to a spy serving Bane, the god of Evil and Tyranny.

While exploring the area, Clytie is hit and felled by a boulder! An exact duplicate of Findar and Daemon Frost step out of the mirrors and attack. The Findar and Daemon Frost “duplicates” are taken down in a few rounds. All that the real SkyClad can do is smash the mirrors with his magical boulders. The hardest foe was the SkyClad duplicate! With the kender’s near impossible chance to be “spotted” while hiding, the fake SkyClad darts in and out of shadows and does backstabs with his thrown daggers.

They finally find the little prick hanging on ledge (thanks to Daemon Frost’s tracking skill). The kender is cut to shreds as he attempts to climb back up.

The Drow

The party then chances upon three female Drow in melee with a group of Choldriths. Daemon Frost kills the last one with his arrow and the Findar comes out from behind and attempts to negotiate.

They learn that the three Drow (Tazrae, the leader, Nymvareth and Shy’lath) are members of rebel drow against the followers of Lloth. They worship the Drow god Vhearun (god of Thievery) and despise everything about Lloth. They agree to guide the party to the portal in exchange for a favor to be called upon in the future.

Arriving at the portal, Clytie casts Read Magic and determines that the blood of three races are needed to activate the portal. Findar (Dwarf), Helbor (Human) and Daemon Frost (Elven) start the ritual and activate the portal.

The party steps through and find themselves at the village of the Uthgardth barbarians

The Barbarian Deal

Helbor leads the company to meet with Jarl, chieftain of the Wyrm tribe. Jarl will send his army (around 500 strong) in defense of Targos in exchange for food, supplies and metals. Daemon Frost and Findar agree to the deal. Jarl sends 20 of his best men to aid the party back through the Underdark and back to Targos. He promised to arrive at Targos in 5 days’ time.

Back In Targos

Mean while, back in Targos, the party does an inventory of their military strength, craft items and prepare for the massive battle at hand.

Will the barbarians and the other allies arrive in time to defend against 1,600 orcs, giants and goblins?

The next adventure will be epic!

Stay tuned…


  • Helbor: “A Flying Ship?!?” Stark (trying his diplomacy skill and fails) “They’re powered by a LOT of birds, my friend.” Helbor: “In the Common tongue, I believe the term for that is BULLSHIT!”
  • SkyClad: “Shhhh… I’m trying to listen here.” (SILENCE) then “PFOOOT!” Daemon Frost: “Oops. Sorry!”
  • Thorin Seeker: “There is a difference in being brave and being foolhardy, Findar” (when Findar asked if raiding the bridge was a good idea).
  • SkyClad (after laboriously going back up to The Gimos to ask Oswald):”Hey Oswald, we encountered some strange mushrooms. Do you know anything about ’em?” Oswald: “No. I’m an inventor, not a botanist!”
  • Speaker Jarl: “In the meantime, you can have my girls” Daemon Frost: “That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Can we stay for more than a day?!?”
  • Findar: (at the portal) “The blood of three races? Thorin would have LOVED bloodletting at any time of the day!”

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