Episode 1: Dawn of Winter

The campaign officially begins. The party is complete. Off to adventure!

Episode 1 “Dawn of Winter”
July 15, 2011. San Juan, Metro Manila
Mon Macutay, Dungeon Master (modified D&D 3.5ed rules set)


• Alex Mena as SkyClad NimbleWind, Kender Rogue, Level 2
• Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, Dwarven Cleric of Dumathoin, Level 2
• Chase Gosingtian as Stark the Blaze, Human Bard, Level 2
• Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Half-Elven Ranger, Level 2
• Meng Morales as Clytie, Elven Sorceress, Level 2

Meeting at Targos

Emma Moonblade, Daemon Frost and Clytie arrive in Targos after taking a short detour to Black Haven to drop off supplies. Frost takes Ezra as his apprentice.

Meanwhile, SkyClad is awakened from a nightmare. The halfling dreamt of a Solamnic Knight of The Rose named Malcolm, The Oath and The Measure, a place called “Krynn” and a red dragon.

In the morning, SkyClad reports to Lander for his regular duties as a military scout. Findar tags along to seek employment too. Stark had lunch with Thorin Seeker and ties loose ends about why his master, Roric, sent him to locate the BattlePriest.

Thorin seeker informs Stark that Roric and he were childhood friends. They had some adventures together and they parted ways. Two years ago, Thorin Seeker received a letter from his old friend warning him of sinister forces converging at the North. Thorin wrote back to ask for details. He receives nothing but gets another warning that “a boy will bring the message” and this “will signal the beginning”.

Thorin believes that Stark is that boy.

The New Sergeants

SkyClad reports to his boss, Lander. Lander is with HIS boss, Bednir, son of the town mayor and supreme commander of the Targos miltia. Bednir hires Findar as a smith, to repair the military’s arms and armor. Bednir sends the duo to the residence of Emma Moonblade where they are to take her orders for the day. The Halfling and the Dwarf pick up their bard friend on the way.

The trio finally meet Deamon Frost and Clytie at Emma’s residence.

Emma informs our heroes of a possible attack at the docks as advised by some of her scouts. The party, now commissioned as sergeants, are to report to Vagrad, the harbor master tonight.

Vagrad asks them to patrol the docks and focus their attention on the warehouse. Findar assumes party leadership.

Dig Dug

Stark embeds several torches at the docks. Findar gives orders for the others to take their respective positions. Stark is near the sailor’s bunk, Frost takes to the roof of the warehouse, SkyClad patrols the nearby areas while Findar and Clytie guard the door of the warehouse.

Frost hears noises from within the warehouse. He signals to SkyClad who informs the others as they converge at the warehouse entrance. Frost sees 5 goblins coming out of a hole from the northern side of the building.

The cleric casts Detect Secret Doors and centers on the location of the hole.

Our heroes take to battle!

The Ranger rains down death from roof with his bow. The rest of the party kill all but two goblin miners. The miners flee, screaming, down the hole.

The tunnel is around 5’ high and barely 3’ wide and slopes down 45 degrees into the darkness below.

SkyClad secures his rope at the mouth of the shaft, tosses it down to the hole, and gives chase. The dwarf right behind him; Clytie follows in pursuit.

Daemon Frost examines the bodies of the fallen goblins. He discovers that their equipment are covered in oil.


All of a sudden, the entire tunnel explodes. The tunnel is, indeed, covered with oil and rigged (no one bothered to check – DM). SkyClad, Findar and Clytie scamper up to safety and are badly scorched.

With the help of some of the Targos city watch, they rain down lit barrels with rocks and debris at the tunnel. The party alerts the town officials. Vagrad, the harbormaster, is first to arrive. Vagrad gives the order to collapse the tunnel.

“But wait” Findar said. “Let’s send the Halfling first to see what’s below”. Using the Findar’s knowledge about tunnels, he guides the Halfling down the shaft. Waiting for them in ambush are roughly a dozen goblin pikemen and an Orc Shaman.

SkyClad reports back. Findar goes down one last time, identifies the weakest points of the tunnel and they collapse it forcefully.
The party reports back to Emma Moonblade, Lander and Bednir where they are congratulated and applauded.

The celebration is cut short by the intrusion of a messenger.

Lander jumps up; “The town of Black Haven is no more. Burned to the ground by humanoids!”.

The messenger informs everyone that the humanoid warband has taken around 30 prisoners loaded on Orcish “Meat Wagons”, huge wagons pulled by Hill Giants.

Our heroes look at each other in disbelief.

Emma Moonblade affirmed her position; “We must rescue those prisoners. Let us form a task force” and looks to our band of heroes.
Our heroes nod in unison and all agree to the job at hand.

“You are not leaving without me!” interrupts Thorin Seeker.

“To battle! The Lord Tempus demands it!”

Quotable Quotes

  • “Heavenly Five!!!!”: The Guards of Targos
  • “The Zhentarim? Isn’t that the Targos basketball team?” – SkyClad
  • Stark: “Let me in lads! I am one of the greatest bards of all Waterdeep! And the mayor, Ulbrec demands my presence” (fails Bluff check). Guards: “Bah! Be gone!”
  • Findar: “All we need now is for someone to cast light on any object within that barrel before we let it loose down the shaft! Quick, Clytie…” Targos Guard: “Ahem! Sir! That dagger stuck to wall seems to have a nice glow!”
  • Stark (trying to convince the sailors to go the warehouse so that they can have help) “Oh my goodness! Emma Moonblade is dancing naked inside the warehouse!!!!” Sailors: “Phooey!”
  • Vagrad: “Let’s collapse that tunnel and seal it. Now!” Findar: “Wait! Let’s ask if anyone wants to go down there before we collapse. I’m going in! Who’s with me?” Everyone: blank stare
  • What about the rumors that the each member of the party shared? Which are worth taking a closer look?
  • Ezra does not want to talk about his dreams. Why?
  • There is a need to think about the questions via the Speak With Dead spell on the goblin corpses. Why did they tunnel into Targos? Is this part of a bigger plot?
  • Why was Black Haven sacked? Is there a hidden agenda behind this?
  • It seems that the humanoids are being led by a power beyond their strategies. This might be worth looking into.
  • And what about Ezra’s tatoo?
  • What is connection between SkyClad’s nightmares and the current situation.
  • Who was the mysterious man that Frost met en route to Black Haven? Did he give the ranger cryptic tales or riddles?

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