Episode 0 Part 2: “The Boy”

The tale of Daemon Frost and Clytie…

Book 1 Act 1 (July 15, 2011, San Juan, Metro Manila)

Dramatis Personae

  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Half-Elven Ranger
  • Meng Morales as Clytie, Elven Sorceress


  • Ema’lyr Sulinil (Emma Moonblade), Half-Elven, Ranger scout of Targos
  • Ezra, the boy
  • Uncle Lars of Black Haven
With the special cameo appearance of
  • Drizz’t Du’orden as himself

Daemon Frost, half-elven Ranger, travels from Cormanthor to the North to search for the killers of his wife and child. He meets Clytie, Elven Sorcerer from the Southern Lands; Emma Moonblade, half-elven Ranger (scout) of Targos in Bryn Shander (The Velvet Tankard Inn).

Emma and Clythie belong to a caravan picking up supplies from the capital of The Ten Towns and en route to drop some people and cargo at Black Haven and then proceed home to Targos. Frost meets the boy Ezra at the inn who takes a liking to him. Emma offers Frost work in Targos as a scout. Clytie and Frost travel with the caravan.

On the second day of their travel, Ezra informs Frost that “there is a man” along the river asking for Daemon Frost. Frost ventures forth to investigate.

Frost encounters the man. “My name is not important”, he croaked, the mist obscuring his facial and other details. “It is good to be home. As one fellow ranger to another, I need you to protect the boy at all costs, Frost. I have been following you from Brynn Shander. This caravan is in grave danger. Goblin Warg riders are stalking you. Do not tell Emma Moonblade about me. I hope to meet you again soon.”

“Wait!;” Frost called out to the icy wind, his grip on his sword hilt lets loose. “I did not catch your name, friend…”

“Du’orden. Drizz’t Du’orden”. And the stranger disappears into the frigid landscape. The snow and icy wind, a chorus in unison, abeyance to his mysterious appearance.

Frost, Clytie and Emma ride out to investigate and try to track then Warg Riders. They find no tracks. Returning back to the caravan, they find it under heavy attack from the Warg Riders supported by Goblinoid infantry.

The Targos military escort and our heroes defend the caravan. In the ensuing battle, Frost is felled by a Warg (dire wolf) but is stabilized in time by Clytie. Emma shows a dazzling display of martial prowess as her Moonblade decimates the enemy front. Casting Spike Growth, Emma kills the charging group of goblinoids. Defeated, the humanoids retreat back to the woods. The boy Ezra is unharmed.

Our heroes continue onwards to Black Haven.

At Black Haven, Frost talks to Ezra’s uncle, Lars. Ezra is an orphan. Frost asks permission to take the lad as his apprentice. Lars explains that it is the boy’s choice, not his. Ezra, sadly, says his goodbyes to his Uncle and takes Daemon Frost’s hand.

The caravan continues north and finally arrive at Targos…


  • “My name? Du’orden. Drizz’t Du’orden.” – Drizz’t
  • “Are you going to eat that?” – Ezra
  • “It seems that you are keeping secrets from me, Frost. Are you?” – Emma Moonblade
  • Frost: “I will take you as my apprentice, Ezra. Now you will begin your lessons on how to become a ranger.” Ezra: “So what’s our first lesson then, how to get eaten up and killed by big, bad wolves?”
  • Clytie (to Emma): “How did you find Ezra?” Emma: “Well, he hid in one of the wagons while we were at Black Haven”. Clytie: “How did he get to Brynn Shander?” Emma: “Hmmm… let’s see now. The horses pulled the wagon. The wheels moved. The wagon moved. Eventually, we found ourselves at Brynn Shander.”

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