The campaign begins in an “integration adventure” with SkyClad, Findar and Stark as they find their way towards Targos in the Ten Towns.

Book 1. Act 1 (July 9, 2011. San Juan, Metro Manila)

Episode 0: Prologues

Dramatis Personae

  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, Dwarven Cleric of Dumathion (Level 1)
  • Alex Mena as SkyClad Nimblewind, Kender Rogue (Level 1)
  • Chase Gosingtian as Stark, Human Bard (Level 1)


The year is 1372 Dale Reckoning (DR). The setting, The Ten Towns, Icewind Dale.

We begin our story below ground. Deep within one of the dwarven mining communities supplying the Ten Towns with gems, minerals and metals to fuel their insatiable military machine. Findar’s father dies and leaves him an old morningstar with a note. Clasping the valuable heirloom, the dwarven cleric bade his home farewell, tugs his pony, Bobba, and sets out to begin his new life of adventuring above ground.

It is half a week’s journey to Targos.  The fierce winter has abated yet it is still way too cold in this part of Fearun even in Autumn. Findar begins the journey to Targos on foot. Three days into his journey, he encounters a caravan from Targos. After exchanging some pleasantries with one of the captains of the city watch,  he continues on his way.

2 days left into his travel, he is accosted by a group of 3 bandits while on camp for the night.

These were the same bandits SkyClad followed when he overheard them planning to raid a caravan whilst staying at The Salty Dog tavern.

The bandits try to overpower the Dwarf. The Halfling interjects, they kill the two thugs and manage to imprison the other. Fearing for their safety, they force-marched into the night and head towards Targos.

Before sun up, both demi-humas grow weary and camp. Fendir starts to pray and is surprised to learn that his Holy Symbol is missing. SkClad said that the cleric “dropped” and the item and he gladly “picked it up and took it for safe-keeping”. The Halfling returns the holy symbol to Fendir.

By daybreak, the halfling stops a passing group of riders whom he identifies as members of the Targos militia. They take the bandit into custody and offer the duo company on the way to town.


Rorik, Bard mentor and teacher of Stark asks his apprentice to head towards the North to try and locate a certain Monsignor Thorin Seeker. He gives him a Holy Symbol (of Tempus, which Stark fails to identify) to show to Thorin. Once he meets the priest, he is to perform a pre-determined song. Thorin Seeker will then brief the young bard on the next steps.

Stark finds his way to The Salty Dog tavern where he chats with Olmo, the barkeep (where he learns a couple of rumors and meets Jasmine, the barwench who looks like Megan Fox). He asks if there is a vacancy for a performer at the tavern. Olmo asks Stark to audition. The bard passes with flying colors and is immediately employed. His first performance begins at 6pm that night.

Dazzled by the bard’s performance (everyone wants to eat the now famous “Chicken Meat Sausage”), Fendir and SkyClad asks him to join them for brunch. Fendir seeks employment. Olmo and SkyClad suggest that he talk to Lander, the captain of the guard and a commander of the militia where he might be able to earn honest wage via repairing arms and armor.

On the way to Lander’s headquarters, they pass by the Temple of Tempus and encounter the reverend Monsignor Thorin Seeker, Battlepriest of Tempus, God of War. Thorin is all-muscle, 6’4″ in height in full plate armor, bristling with weapons…

Stark recognizes the symbol given to him by his master. He shows the symbol and the Battle Priest asks them to come inside the church.

Stark performs the song as instructed by his master. After the song, the conversation is cut short by the sound of a Orc invasion.


Our heroes (with Thorin) head to the North West part of town where 300 or so militia are gathered to meet the headlong rush of around a thousand-strong orc horde.

Thorin Seeker does not heed the orders of Lander and rushes the storming humanoids. SkyClad, Fendir and Stark follow.

Fendir and Thorin meet the orcs head on. One of them is a Barbarian and begins his Battle Rage. Thorin smashes and decapitates orcs left and right with his Halberd and his bastard sword.

Stark sings a song to boost the morale of the combatants and falls behind the fray. Out of nowhere, Magic Missles hit him. The Kender spot an Orc Shaman among the enemy. Thorin and Fendir are deep into melee while the Rogue darts in and out of battle using his newly acquired throwing daggers (the fool only had a single dagger at the start of the adventure. lols).

Stark is struck down by an Orc and is left for dead.

Fendir backs defensively towards his new friend leaving Thorin to take care of the Barbarian and around 5 more Orcs in the maelstrom of combat. In the nick of time, SkyClad arrives to stabilize Stark. Meanwhile,  the Orc Shaman sneaks into the front line and was able to cast a Sleep spell on the Dwarf. The Dwarf falls.

SkyClad throws a well aimed dagger and fells the spellcaster, breaking the Sleep spell.

In the end, however, the militia of Targos prevail. The remaining Orcs retreat back into the mountains.

Our heroes lick their wounds, attend to the dead and wounded and count their spoils.

Some questions linger; Why did Rorik send his apprentice (Stark) to meet Thorin? Why are the humanoid attacks becoming more frequent than usual? What about the rumors that our band of heroes gathered? Where do they start?

These, and more, will be answered next adventure!

Until then…


  • Thorin Seeker: “There is no problem in this world that cannot be solved by battle”
  • SkyClad: “Spellcaster!!!!!”   Thorin: (after failing the Spot check) “Huh?!? You mean the dwarf? I know. (scratches head).”
  • DM: Fendir, roll to check if you become hungry by the Bard’s song about “Chicken Meat Sausage”. Nil (Rolls a 1). DM: By God! You are FAMISHED! You must eat Chicken Meat Sausage NOW or die!
  • SkyClad: “You mean THIS holy symbol?!? You dropped it. I picked it up and kept it to be safe (grin)”
  • Stark: “Hey! Let’s all go the Spine of the World and check out if those Uthgarth Barbarians really know the location of some portals!”. SkyClad and Fendir: (sarcastically) “What a nice idea, Bard! I think you have a performance tonight at 6. There is no way in Hell that we’re going to the Spine of the World and come back here BEFORE 6!!!!”
  • Fendir (after seeing 2 altar boys come out from the temple of Tempus): “You there! What church did you come from?” The Boys: “The Temple of Tempus, you idiot!”
  • Thorin Seeker (after failing a fumble check, lands on his back beside Fendir): “Let’s seeya do your trick against the Orc Barbarian, lad. You. Can. Do. It!!!!!!”

One thought on “Prologues

  1. Also there’s this militia guy who picked up the Kender on his horse. He “lost” his month’s pay after dropping him off at the inn. I pity the fool!

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