New Cast of Characters for 2018 Campaign Revealed


Wohoo! Our first game is this Friday, the 5th of October. So far, we’ve got 4 players and their corresponding characters and backstories are detailed below:

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New D&D Campaign in 2018. Wohoo.


So excited!

After more than 5 years, me and the original WT group will begin a NEW Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign. Our last game was May of 2013.

But since everyone’s busy, we opted to use the Roll20 platform this time around (with the occasional “live” game as agreed upon by the group).

Right now, everyone’s excited as they prep their new characters on Roll20. In fact, we have final Session Zero tonight (Sept. 29, 2018) at Roll20 where, with Discord, I guide the group to finalize their characters, sheets and concepts.

Our first game is scheduled this coming Friday, October 5, 2018. Woot! Will post updates on that soon and will also post the concepts and classes of the new group.

Can’t wait!

>> DM Mon

GMs: Delegate for a better RPG experience


As a Game Master or Dungeon Master, managing a table is no easy feat and a LOT are happening at the same time.

It’s often too much too handle and can be stressful – tracking initiative, conditions, rules, time, combatant hit points, and other rules. For an inexperienced GM, this will definitely slow down the game and affect the “fun” at the table.

Delegation isn’t just a trait used by managers in the corporate world but works well in your gaming table too.

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